Marathon #4 Training Update 3

Yesterday, I ran my 2nd to last training run for marathon #4. It’s almost hard to believe that the 26.2 with Donna is 42 days away. One more long run to go, and it will be tapering time for this marathoner. I’m definitely excited about running the full marathon again in Jacksonville, but was also happy when I finished running those 23 miles yesterday.

We started running at 3:30am and not only was it extremely foggy out (really thick), but it was majorly humid. By the end of mile one, I was feeling it. Feeling as though I was running in a sauna was not my idea of a fun time when I’m out running that many miles. Thankfully, the great company I had throughout those miles, as well as making sure my fellow group members were okay (some of the girls were running their longest miles to date), kept me pretty distracted.

With Arody after running 23 miles.

With Arody after running 23 miles.

Also, I think about those dealing with breast cancer. They are fighting each day, pushing through so much and having to go through chemotherapy…my hard times running marathon miles and the short time of being sore is nothing compared to what they have to go through. This is why I run the DONNA. I run for those who cannot. These women (and some men) are worth every moment, every mile I run. Having a purpose, a reason like finishing breast cancer means that it isn’t just about me. Sure, I’m out there running the miles, but I am doing it for them, for each and every one. They are all amazing and courageous.

When you are hitting the pavement training for your next half or full marathon, what gets you through the rough times? Is there a special person or cause that brings meaning to your running? I would love to hear about them or the cause! Our running is a healthy pursuit, but can be about so much more.

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