Marathon #2 Update: 142 days and counting…


As I write this, I’m feeling like I’m battling. More specifically, that I’m battling some sort of cold or virus that is attempting to take over my short 5 foot tall body and render me bed bound. I’m determined not to let whatever it is win, I have marathon training to do! I’m hoping some extra rest tonight and tomorrow will help me get over whatever it is.

This morning, I ran 3 1/2 miles with my group. Realistically, I ran 3 miles and did a half mile of warm up/cool down. Thursdays are generally track days for my Galloway training group, but a few of us opted to get some road miles in instead. We did push a bit though to ensure we got some speed work in there. I felt good during the run at least just hot and a bit tired at the end which isn’t unusual.

This weekend, I have a 12-14 mile long training run set on the schedule. My group is starting dark and early at 4:30am to get the miles in. If you are unfamiliar with Jeff Galloway’s plans, you do a long run every other week on Saturdays or Sundays. Last weekend, we ran just under 5 miles, so despite the humidity and all, it was considered an “easy run” day.

Space Coast Marathon is in 142 days, so while I have time to get the miles in, I want to avoid being sick or getting injured at all costs. I’m doing all I can to eat well and stay hydrated right now. And, I’m still off of those addicting energy drinks! I only drink coffee or tea during the day now.

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