Marathon #2 Training Update: 62 Days…

Ah yes, my 2nd marathon is almost right around the corner. Or, the bend. It’s definitely sneaking up on me. Yesterday, I ran my 23 mile traniing run for the Space Coast Marathon. It’s a couple of weeks early in the training schedule, but I had to move my schedule around a bit.

Saturday morning, the alarm clock went off at 2:20am and I rolled out of bed. We were running at 3am (yes, I know it’s crazy), so I had to get dressed and get out the door. When I arrived at the school where we meet, there were about 8 of us who were in it at this dark and extremely early hour. Glow bracelets secured on on wrists, we were off (these are a must-have for early AM runs).

The first couple of miles were okay, it always seems to take a mile or two to get warmed up. After that, it wasn’t too bad for awhile. By the time we finished the first 9 miles, I was feeling pretty good, a bit tired but not bad. It was at this point that we went back to the school to pick up other runners and drop off a couple that weren’t going more than this distance.


The next 10k or so was good for me, I felt okay and was having some nice conversations with my group. It wasn’t until the last 4 or 5 miles that I began to kind of feel the distance and amount of time that we had been on the road. I find that around mile 20, it becomes a mental game. You have to tell yourself that you can do it. You need those positive mantras to get through it.

It’s also awesome when you have a fun group like my Galloway Dream Chasers to run with. We all joke around about silly stuff and generally have a good time. On this run, it was a mix of silliness and some serious topics. All in the name of friendship and distracting yourself from the miles.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again (yes, I’m sure this isn’t even remotely the last time), I love the Galloway method and my group. It’s because of Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run and my group that I have done a marathon and will do my 2nd on December 1st.

There is at least one more long run of 26 miles ahead for me…maybe another 20ish miler, not sure yet. I just know that while it’s never easy, I can do it and it feels great.


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  1. Congrats on a great long run – I’m sure you will have a great marathon! I’ve never run with anyone before (because I worry that I’m too slow to join a group) but it always sounds like such a good way to cover the miles!

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