Love at Skirt Sight

It was love at first sight. Okay, more like love at first wearing, but that doesn’t quite flow as well off the tongue. Skirt Sports took a non-skirt wearing girl and transformed her into one with style. Such a simple thing, a running skirt brought new life into me and my running.

Pre-skirt days

The pre-skirt days

After losing 80lbs between September 2008 and August 2009, I went from a couch potato to a fitness lover. It was in 2010 that I decided to start running. Talk about a new world, I had NEVER imagined that I would be a runner. I always saw people running while in my car or on the treadmill at the gym and I thought, “jeez, not for me.” Funny how things can change. I ended up having struggles with becoming a runner, starting with the Couch25k program, and even getting up to running for a few weeks of the training program and then it all came to a halt. A herniated disc in my back put a stop to my running days by April of that year.

I’m a stubborn girl though, so I never gave up. After not being able to run for over a year, I walked my first half marathon in 2011, and then discovered the Jeff Galloway method through a friend. This made me excited at the possibilities with run/walk/run. What if I could be a runner again? And, that’s just what I became when I did my second half marathon in March 2012, as a RUNNER.

Why have I told you this backstory? Well, it’s all about the big picture. As a former fat girl (who was very unhealthy and unfit), I had almost no care about what I was wearing. I was more concerned about wearing black t-shirts of my favorite geeky loves (X-Files, Star Trek, comic books) than anything else. So, when I lost all this weight, that seemed to linger. It became a “frumpy” look, and anything but attractive. Don’t get me wrong, t-shirts are great and fun (still my favorite with a pair of jeans or cargo shorts), but overall, it’s pretty generic. This folded over into my fitness and running. Basic shorts, capris with a tech tee was what I wore in those early days. Heck, I wore cotton t-shirts even for a time!

Kickstart skirt

With my mom wearing the Kickstart skirt in 2012.

Enter Skirt Sports. When a running friend told me about how much fun she had running in skirts, I was interested. I checked out the Skirt Sports website, wondering if I could really be a “skirt girl.” There were so many choices of skirts to choose from, but what immediately caught my eye was the Gym Girl Ultra. The Gym Girl Ultra has shorties underneath and seemed to be the kind of skirt I could be comfortable in. With a holiday sale at the end of 2011, I discovered the Kickstart skirt. This was a limited edition skirt which is almost like the popular Gym Girl, but has just one pocket on the right side of the shortie, instead of both sides that the Gym Girl has.

From the moment I received the skirt and put it on for the first time, I knew I would forever be a skirt girl. They are both comfortable and stylish. I have since gone from that purchase of “trying” a running skirt to owning at least twenty (okay, probably more) Gym Girl Ultra skirts. It’s my favorite Skirt Sports skirt, and I won’t wear anything else when I run (unless it’s a Skirt Sports capri or pant that is!). Who knew that one black skirt with pink shorties underneath would bring so much skirt into my running world.

Skirt Sports love

Love my Skirt Sports! 🙂

I’m also blessed to be a part of the Skirt Sports family as a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain. While there are many other running skirts out there, Skirt Sports will always be the original skirt for runners. Founder Nicole DeBoom created the skirt back in December 2003, and premiered the first-ever Skirt Sports prototype on September 12, 2004 at IronMan Wisconsin. Days later, the beloved Skirt Sports was born and the rest as they say, is history!

If you have yet to get in on the skirt fun with Skirt Sports, what are you waiting for? You can save 20% on your next order by using code: GGS20. I highly recommend the Gym Girl Ultra of course, but there are SO many choices available. There’s literally something for everyone.

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