Losing weight and caloric needs

Weight loss. It’s a seemingly never-ending journey in life. I have learned with losing a lot of weight is actually easier than trying to lose 5-10 pounds. During the last year or so of marathon training, I’ve gained about 5 to 7lbs and I want to lose it in the next couple of months or so.

The thing is, I’ve been tracking my calories and while I’m eating 1500 calories a day 99% of the time, I’ve actually GAINED weight. Since I have increased my workouts for triathlon training, I’ve gone up about 2lbs! What’s the deal with that? It’s frustrating to say the least. I track my food with the myfitnesspal app and come in at or below that calorie goal everyday. One day a week (Saturdays), I give myself a cheat day where I eat about 2000 calories.


Doing the whole math thing, my BMR is 1342 before I factor in any activity. If I’m sedentary, I should be eating 1610 calories daily. With my 5-6 days a week of workouts, it comes up that I should be consuming 2080 calories each day. So, that all said, how is it that I’ve GAINED weight?

Losing weight and this whole math thing seemed easier when I was losing the 80lbs about four years ago. This smaller amount of weight loss is harder! I can’t see myself eating 2000 calories a day everyday that I workout for 45min to an hour. That seems high to me. I am comfortable at the 1500-1600 calorie area. It has worked for me up until recently when I’ve begun to gain.

I know my thyroid issues (underactive) can be a contributing factor here, but that much and all of a sudden? I’d love any advice or thoughts on this. I really want to go back down at least 5lbs before I really hit my marathon training again in a few months. I know these few extra pounds are only slowing me down with my running. I felt good when I was about 8lbs lighter than I am now.

Do you have any advice or tips? Please, let me know in the comments! Thanks.


Losing weight and caloric needs — 5 Comments

  1. Same for me. I’m 47, one year of irregular periods so I just did a hormone test to see what’s up. Might be perimenopause related. Sigh. Haven’t received the results yet. Working out HARD. Circuit training 4x a week. Running on the two off days. 100% vegan LFHC. I need the fuel. Some days the scale goes up and down 5 lbs. I’m not “fat” but I’d like less fat to be ripped.

  2. I just typed a huge lovely reply, but apparently there is a time limit to posting–I got a “request timed out” when I hit post. Ugh.

  3. Girl! I’m right there with you! I don’t have thyroid problems but I have PCOS which makes it hard to drop lbs too. My Dr. who is a runner put me on a low card/high protein diet. It’s going ok so far. Maybe track carbs for a week and see if that helps jump start you losing again? Good luck!

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