Losing My Groove?

In the last week or two, I feel as though I’ve lost my love for running. Well, I still love it, but I just don’t feel as excited about it as I usually am. I don’t know if it’s a funk I’m in or what the deal is. I wonder if this is something that other runners feel and go through.

My weekly runs have been okay, I feel less energized than usual though. I have been attributing it to having just moved at the beginning of the month and new duties at work. But, part of me wonders if that’s not all that’s going on. I also feel just like I’m not myself the last couple of weeks. I’m just hoping I’m not coming down with something. I’ve been sick enough for a long time to come (that bronchitis bout in January was bad).

Now I’m curious, have you gone through something like this? Any advice to get over this funk that has me off my groove?


Losing My Groove? — 2 Comments

  1. I think all runners lose their mojo from time to time.

    To break out of it consider the following:

    Make a new Playlist for your iPod
    Run with a friend
    Try a new route
    Go to yoga, paddleboarding, spinning or some other form of cross-training

    Keep at it even when you don’t want to -replace your mojo will come back!

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