Los Angeles radio? What the heck?

My current position at work allows me the freedom to listen to my iPod when I don’t have to make or take a phone call. This allows me to not only listen to some of my favorite music, but also to listen to all sorts of podcasts.

Two of my favorite podcasts to download and listen to on a daily basis are KFI AM 640’s Bill Handel show and the Tim Conway Jr. show. I have found both shows to be very entertaining and just simply fun to listen to during my work day. I’ve even subjected family and friends to endure portions of show bits that I’ve found most laugh out loud funny.

What’s weird about that? Well, KFI is out of Los Angeles. The news and events these guys speak of tends to have little to do with things that would matter to someone living in Florida. Yet, I can’t stop tuning in (Tim Conway Jr.’s What the Heck Did Jesse Jackson Say? is worth listening no matter where you live). If only the Sunshine State had radio personalities as interesting and engaging, then maybe I’d download and listen to something local. Sadly, I doubt that will ever happen. I mean, it *is* Florida. Personally, I don’t tend to expect much from my current home state. Like Agent Mulder said on an episode of The X-Files, “all the nuts roll down to Florida.”

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