Life Update

Apologizes for my lack of posts lately. I just moved over the weekend…by moved, I mean that I moved in with my parents temporarily while I continue to look for a new place. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy. Especially when you have a certain budget range that seems a bit difficult to find.

I’m staying positive and praying that the right place comes along very soon. I’m definitely over the constant searching, so it will be nice when I find something and can stop looking ten zillion times a day. Ha!

The Girl's Got Sole - God's Will

Also, I’ve learned that despite making what I thought was quite a purge of my stuff, I’ve got much more. It’s overwhelming and I found myself unsure what the heck to do with some of it. So, I’m going to go back through all of my boxes again and sell or giveaway anything I don’t need or haven’t used in awhile. I need to attempt a more minimalist lifestyle. Going to take work, but got to make it happen.

Otherwise, I’m doing well. I’m feeling good about the first month of my marathon training so far, and have a magic mile on the schedule planned for this week. That will enable me to see what my current best pace can be. It’s a key component of Jeff Galloway’s training program that helps place you in a pace group as well as allows you to see what you are capable of. And, Saturday will be an 8 mile run, as my mileage starts to increase.

Thanks for being patient with the sporadic updates…next week will most definitely be back to the usual swing of things here on the blog. I do hope to get a post up this weekend as well.

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