Life on pause?

Do you ever feel as though your life has been paused? It’s as though your journey is a movie and someone hit the pause button on the DVD player. That’s kind of how I’ve felt lately. Or, like someone has hit the slow-mode button on that same player.

The thing is, that’s not how I like to live or want to be living. I feel like I’m missing out on some awesome things because of this. I’ve blogged a bit about how I’ve been feeling recently because I’m not ashamed or embarrassed to say so. There’s nothing wrong with having times in your life where you feel out of it or not completely connected like you’d like to be.

Now, the question is, what am I going to do to re-connect? Health-wise, I’ve been working on learning if there’s some kind of issue in that way, but I believe that I can push myself more to get out of this “rut.” I know that I feel good, I feel like myself when I’m out there running, cycling, writing or taking pictures. Those things make me who I am and I love them so much. That said, I NEED to do these things in order to make my life great. They are passions and everyone needs to find time to ensure that they can and are doing whatever truly makes them happy.

The beautiful view down the road from my place. Love it.

Running and cycling are doing great for the most part. I’m running three times a week and cycling a lot more these days. I biked twice this weekend alone and both rides were great, I enjoyed them immensely. So, the only thing I’d like to see improved in these areas is my performance. I’d like to feel more into my running and feel as though I’m strong as I know I am when I’m out there running. I’m going to work on my mantras for running and work on the mental aspects of believing more in myself.

Writing. I’m still not writing nearly as much as I want to be. So, the only thing that I can come up with that will make my writing happen more frequently again is to make the time. I’m going to schedule times just for writing. Those times are going to be followed and for writing only. It doesn’t matter if I write blog posts or stories in that time, but I just need to be writing.

Photography. Today, I went out on my bike with my camera in my panniers. It felt good to have my camera with me as I explored my neighborhood by bike. I love photography so much, so if I can combine that love with my cycling time, even better. More time with my camera in hand is in order. I used to carry my Nikon around everywhere I went, so I’d like to start doing that again a lot more.

Those are just some ideas and ways I hope to start making my life get past this rough patch in my journey. I am happy with my neighborhood and dare I say that I even love it. I plan on doing everything that I can to embrace life and get out there and be creative and active!

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