Let’s Color the USA Pink!

As if coloring my hair pink for the 26.2 with DONNA marathon weekend wasn’t enough, I’m adding more fun to the mix. I would like to challenge every one of you, that’s right YOU to help color the map of the USA in pink. I can only do this challenge with YOUR help!

Here’s the lowdown, in order to color a state pink, a donation of at least $5 is needed. Florida has already been covered (and please, please keep it coming my fellow Sunshine State friends!), but there’s another 49 states to go! If just one person from each of those states gave $5, that would be $245 toward finishing breast cancer! Talk about awesome. I just know with everyone’s help this challenge can be accomplished. I believe in it and the power of YOU! 🙂

Also, even if someone from your home state does donate and it becomes pink, PLEASE DONATE! Every dollar counts! Mayo Clinic and The Donna Foundation can not do this without each and every one of you. With that said, let’s color the good ‘ole USA pink!

You can make your tax-deductible donation HERE.


(thanks to my friend Krissy for this awesome idea 🙂 )

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