Let the Vacation Begin!

Today is the day it begins! As you are reading this blog post, I am driving up to North Carolina from Florida. It’s going to take most of the day, as it’s a good 9-10 hour drive (not including any pit stops along the way). I’m excited, yet a bit nervous about this particular vacation adventure.

Why am I nervous you ask? It’s my first real racecation, up til now, I’ve only raced in my home state. The furthest I’ve been is West Palm Beach and Miami. I think I timed it pretty well though, the race is on Saturday morning, so I’ll have Friday to relax a bit, then it’s race day! After the race, I’ll be hanging around Asheville for the following week.

While I’m enjoying my favorite mountain town, I’m going to try to blog as much as I can. Not only will I be writing up a race report after running the Cherokee Harvest Half on Saturday, but I have a few posts I’ve been trying to get posted. Also, I’ll be posting all sorts of photos from my vacation. I’m sure Asheville’s charm will bring me back to taking pictures more often again. ūüôā


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