Laugh, Standing Oviation & Technology Takes Over

August 3rd. Laugh: Write about a time that others laughed at you.
Immediately, I’m transported back to my school days. I can see all the other kids, my fellow classmates standing there, surrounding me just laughing. Pointing and laughing at the short fat girl who can’t defend herself or say much of anything that isn’t “make fun of me” material. This happened more times than I’d care to count during my days as a pre-teen and I just thank goodness that those years are behind me. Some people say they’d love to go back and re-live their childhood, not me. I’d rather stick my hand in a boiling pot of water than have to re-live those days.

August 2nd. Standing Ovation: Write about a time you participated in a standing ovation.
Back in April, when I drove up to visit friends in Western North Carolina, I attended a concert. My girlfriend plays the viola in a local Orchestra and I was fortunate enough to see her perform. I hadn’t seen my friend perform since I moved back to Florida in 2008, so it was great. At the end of the show, everyone stood up and gave the musicians their much deserved appreciation. It was a fun musical evening with friends.

August 1st. Technology: What form of technology do you use now that you did not use five years ago? How “indispensable” is it to you?
There is so many new gadgets and electronic “toys” out there these days that it’s almost hard to keep up with them all. For me, my smart phone is most definitely the technology that I now must carry with me everywhere. My little android does just about any and everything. Sure, it’s a phone, but I find myself doing almost everything else with it but making an actual call. Of course, I do call people and receive calls, but I tend to mostly text with it, go online, check my email, and post to twitter a lot more. If you would have told me five years ago that I’d be literally attached at the hip to a phone like I am with my android, I probably would have smiled and told you that was silly. Then again, isn’t that the same reaction a lot of us had with the invention of portable, laptop computers and other technology?

Prompts came from The One-Minute Writer

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