Labor Day Weekend and such

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Tuesday! The holiday weekend went by seemingly at the speed of light. One minute it was Saturday morning and I was running with my group and the next thing I knew, it was Monday night and I was prepping for the work week again.

On the bright side, not only is it a four-day work week, but Night of Joy is Friday night! I won tickets for myself and three of my friends and couldn’t be more excited. It is going to be a fun evening of Christian music mixed with Magic Kingdom rides. I may not hit up many of them, but I do have my sights on two of the three Mountains. It’s also been awhile since I rode Pirates of the Caribbean. Then there’s the new 7 Dwarf Mine Train…. Yes, some fun shall be had.

The group during our Saturday run in Winter Park.

The group during our Saturday run in Winter Park.

This past Labor Day weekend was good. I ran 6 miles with some of my Galloway group early Saturday morning, followed by a little breakfast at Panera. I took it easy for most of the day after that, watching TV and napping (naps are always great after a run), rounding off the day with church that evening. Sundays are the one day I tend to not set the alarm clock and allow myself to wake up whenever. I usually end up rolling out of bed around 10am when I do that. That was what happened this past Sunday morning. I then had breakfast, packed up my overnight bag and then headed out to the gym for a workout. I got in a bike workout before driving back home to get showered and ready to go. I was heading over to my parents house that afternoon and would be spending the night. Once at the parents, we watched Ghostbusters and pretty much took it easy and enjoyed the rest of the evening. On Monday, I was able to again sleep in a bit (aren’t holidays nice?) before heading out to get a little shopping done. I ended the 3-day weekend just as I began it, with a workout. I got in some biking miles at the gym before they closed for the night.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things, feeling more like my “usual” self. I’m still working at the office (hoping to be back home at some point this month), but the new meds have definitely been working well for me. I am glad that I had them changed when I did. Now, I just need to get my B-12 blood work done and get my shots going. With the work schedule, it may be a little difficult to get into the lab for the blood work this week, but I need to make it happen. Meanwhile, I’ve been using B-12 drop supplements which I believe have been a help. Still not as energetic as I should be, but I’ll get there.

So, how was your holiday weekend? Anything exciting?

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