Just Call Me Sneezy

I know, I know, you now have images of the dwarf Sneezy in your head, don’t you? Considering that the Disneyland Half Marathon is this coming weekend, it sort of feel appropriate in some way. Although, in all honesty, if I was to be one of the seven, I’d prefer to be Happy. Who wouldn’t want to be smiling all the time?

I can totally relate to him right now.

I can totally relate to him right now.

Last Wednesday, I awoke to the most unpleasant sore throat. At first, I believed that it was due to me just sleeping with my mouth open (I tend to like to “catch flies” when I am in slumberland), but by the end of the day, I realized that it more than that. It was the beginning of a not-so-fun cold.

Somehow, the sore throat was pretty much gone by Saturday morning and I managed to go out for my 18-mile training run. It’s funny how dedicated we crazy runners can be. I did experience some nausea a few times during the run, but I wasn’t sure if that had anything to do with the cold. That afternoon and night, I suffered on and off with stuffiness and sneezing. Oh, and my eyes were watering as though I was peeling an onion. Talk about an enjoyable experience!

On Sunday, the sneezing and facial stuffiness continued. Tissues were my best friend and I felt as though maybe I needed to buy stock in Kleenex. If only I wasn’t indebted to a couple of credit cards right now…

So, here it is Monday, day six of this crudeness and I have tried everything I can think of to make it go far, far away. I can only hope that it’s days are numbered because I have much better things to do then sneeze into a tissue all day long.


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