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You may have seen the hashtag in the last few weeks on instagram, twitter or facebook. Just what is this #REALwomenmove deal all about? It’s about you, me and every women out there just doing whatever we can to move! It doesn’t matter what size you are, or what ability you may be, if you are out there moving, you are a part of the #REALwomenmove campaign!

Skirt Sports has created this awesome movement with a mission of changing the perception of women and fitness by showing the world that being fit comes in all forms. A real women is one who is proud of who she is and is comfortable in her own body. She is a confident women who does not judge other women while leading an active life that is important to her health and happiness. Most importantly, she accepts and loves herself as she is.

REAL women are strong!

REAL women are strong!

That last part is so important because I believe a number of us need to work on loving the beautiful person that we are both inside and out. I know for me that can be a challenge at times. We see these “perfect” and “skinny” women in magazines and on television and it distorts our vision of how amazing we are. Each and every one of us are gorgeous and need to realize that. This movement gives us just that, the chance to love ourselves more and each other just as the Creator made us. Embrace your beauty!

How can you participate and be a part of #REALwomenmove? Set an example through your lifestyle choices that every women is capable of being fit and active no matter their shape or size. Empower women to make fitness a priority in their life despite demanding lives and day to day challenges. Give back by breaking barriers in your own life in your quest to live an active life.

REAL women support and inspire each other.

REAL women support and inspire each other.

For ever 5,000 #REALwomenmove hashtags, Skirt Sports will donate a ‘Get Started Kit’ to a deserving woman who exemplifies the traits of a REAL women.
Nominate a woman you know by submitting their story through the link on Skirt Sports website.
The ‘Get Started Kit’ will include a bra, top, bottom, socks, headwear and maybe more.

I really hope as many women will join this great movement as possible. Tell all of your friends in your running group, fitness classes, at the office and all over about it! Inspiring every woman to believe in herself and get out there and kick butt in an active lifestyle is what it’s all about. We all started somewhere, all that matters is that you get out there and move!

Let’s get this movement going! What do you do to move? Are you a runner, cyclist, cross-fitter, yogi? I’d love to hear about what you do to stay active!

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