Jeff Galloway’s Tips: Staying Injury-Free


Jeff Galloway’s training method at it’s core is simple, use run-walk-run intervals to avoid injury when you run. By following the Galloway method, you can avoid most injuries thanks to incorporating walk breaks in your workouts. That short break from running helps our bodies recover from the stress than running puts on it.

Jeff’s top tips to avoid stress build-up and avoid injuries:
1. Take walk breaks more frequently, and run shorter run segments
2. Form: shorter stride, feet low to the ground
3. Slower long runs, with more walk breaks
4. Avoid Stretching
5. Be careful when running speed sessions

Stress buildup can happen due to the way we train during the season. If we have too intense of a schedule that doesn’t have enough rest in between sessions. Trying to speed up too soon or pushing yourself to go faster than your body is used to. Or, due to your running form being off. That could be too long of a stride, leaning forward too much, bouncing too high off the ground.


A runner has key weak links that are more susceptible to injury. Those include knees, feet calves, Achilles, hips, glutes/piriformis/sciaticia. However, runners need to be most aware of the parts of the body that have experienced previous injury or suffer more aches and pains.

Stay focused on how you run and how your body feels so that you can stay as injury-free as possible. For more tips and advice, be sure to head over to Jeff Galloway’s website,


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  1. I use Jeff Galloway’s run/walk method when I’m doing my long training runs. It makes such a difference, especially mentally! I met Jeff at the Disneyland Half Marathon and bought one of his books, which he autographed for me. He’s so down-to-earth and friendly. What an inspirational guy!

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