It’s not always easy…being vegan

It's not always easy...

It’s very difficult to live under the same roof with someone who insists on not only eating meat, but flaunting this fact in your face whenever given the opportunity. I do my best to try to not get too upset about it most of the time, but last night I just couldn’t hold things in. This person decided it was hilarious to put a piece of animal flesh up against my arm. It was not funny in the slightest, it was done to provoke me. And, it did exactly that. What ensued was an all out verbal argument defending veganism and the animals.

While I don’t pride myself in getting into arguments about the decision I’ve made to no longer eat meat, I will always do whatever I can do speak for the animals who cannot. I’d much prefer to discuss the subject in a calm manner with anyone who may have questions or what have you. Part of being a vegan is being a peaceful human being, something I work on doing day in and day out. Getting into an argument doesn’t do anyone or any cause justice.

I do my best to not force my vegan lifestyle on others around me. Of course, I’d love for non-veg friends, family and co-workers to go vegetarian, but that is their decision alone. That said, we should all have respect for one another, irregardless of our choices. Provoking someone by showing off something that you know upsets that person is simply uncalled for. As my parents taught me, treat others as you would like to be treated. Unfortunately, not everyone learned that lesson, or just don’t care to listen to it.


It’s not always easy…being vegan — 2 Comments

  1. I very much dislike it when others fear something so different than themselves that they feel the need to be cruel.

    There’s only two full emotions in life, they are fear and love. It sounds like your housemate fears your decisions poorly reflect on them, so they opt to try to be funny and make themselves feel better.

    But I applaud you, I wouldn’t have gone into rant/lecturing mode but more likely “open palm to face” mode.

  2. It almost got to that, but that’s not the solution to anything. I’m just glad that I’ll be out of this place in 20 days. 🙂

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