It’s My Birthday!

…and, I haven’t done anything special. It’s okay, my plan is to do something fun this weekend. I unfortunately had to work today, then I took a much needed nap. The latter really made me happy. Funny how the small things mean so much the older we get!

Hoping to go see the new Avengers movie on Saturday, Infinity War. I’m a huge geek, especially when it comes to the comic book movies. Especially with the good-looking men in those movies (I’m a huge Tony Stark fan), there’s always some nice eye candy kicking butt! 🙂

And, a favorite TV show, Code Black finally returns tonight! It’s like a birthday gift from CBS to me! I’ve got a fun dinner coming up next Saturday with some of my running group. They are taking me out, and I definitely can’t wait to spend some time laughing and hanging out with some of my favorite people when we aren’t sweaty. Ha!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, they all make me smile! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - It's my birthday


It’s My Birthday! — 3 Comments

  1. Happy birthday!! Hope you got to see Avenger’s Infinity War; we didn’t go yet, but maybe this weekend!

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