Is Marathon Running an Obsession?

What is it about pushing ourselves to the limit, feeling incredibly sore and tired that is so alluring? Is it because we accomplish things that we never knew or felt were possible? Or, is it truly that endorphin high that we get from running all those crazy miles? Whatever it is, we come back for more.

26.2 is just the start

Even when we claim “this is my last marathon,” or “never again,” after an especially difficult run or race, days later we start to rethink things. Maybe I could do another marathon… sure, the race was hard, but it wasn’t that bad. I mean hey, 26.2 is a challenge, but it”s also an amazing experience!

I do recall thinking how glad I was that NYC was my last marathon as I ran the race. It was hard, definitely a challenging day for me. But jeez, looking back at that day, each mile I spent on those streets of New York City were priceless. Granted, it was a costly race between the registration fee, hotel and all…but, like those old MasterCard commercials, in the end it was PRICELESS! There aren’t many life experiences that I can say that about.

So, is marathon running an obsession? Are those of us that keep going back for another race, then another obsessed? I’d say, even if we are, I don’t know if there’s a better, healthier undertaking than running to be obsessed about. Marathons, half marathons, if we all are crazy, well I say that is more than okay with me. 🙂

Running is hard to explain

What are your thoughts on this, fellow runners?


Is Marathon Running an Obsession? — 6 Comments

  1. I think that marathons attract a certain type of person–overachievers. Even if you are a “casual” marathoner, you are overachieving. I mean, c’mon, you could just do a local 5k to raise money or to work on your fitness. Marathoners are often searching for something, and marathons satisfy that need.

  2. I’ve never ran a marathon, but I can totally see it as being addictive. My mom says the same thing about childbirth. You never remember how hard it was, and if you do, it’s deemphasized when you think of the great success.

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