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On Saturday morning, I am usually running. My alarm clock goes off by 4 or 5am, and I’m out the door to meet my Galloway running group for a run. This Saturday, I opted to skip the group run since I was not feeling well all day on Friday. While I was anxious to put my running shoes back on after my marathon, I didn’t want to risk getting sicker over 6 miles. On the same token, I had not planned to go to the Disney Princess Half Marathon expo after all by the time I headed to bed on Friday night. That all changed however, when I woke up just before 8am and felt okay and as though I really wanted to meet the first female Biggest Loser. At the time, I wasn’t sure if my last minute decision would be one I’d regret later (with sneezing and all that fun), or what, but being the Biggest Loser fan that I am, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

My mom agreed to meet me on the way to Downtown Disney, and after I got showered and ready, I was out the door. The Princess Expo was to be held at the Coronado Springs Resort convention center rather than the Wide World of Sports due to Spring Training. So, attendees and race participants had to park at nearby Downtown Disney and take a bus to the resort. Disney really is good at moving people, I have to say that. Because, as soon as we parked and walked to the buses, we were off. A few minutes later, we were pulling into the Coronado and waiting in line to get inside. There was a line due to capacity limits. Someone was informing us of this, but it wasn’t long before we were inside (maybe 5 minutes).

As soon as we were in, mom and I looked for where Ali Vincent would be speaking. After wading through the expo, we found the speaker stage and situated ourselves. I sat on the floor in front of the stage since I wanted to take pictures while mom sat in the first row behind me. A few minutes later, Ali was introduced to us and bounded on stage with a big smile.

If you missed Ali’s season on The Biggest Loser (season five, fyi), you missed a great season of the show and one you should try to catch on Hulu, Nextflix or what have you. She was definitely one of the most inspirational contestants I’ve seen on the show. I’ve been watching The Biggest Loser since season two, and was excited to hear one of the contestants speak and get the chance for a brief meet.

Ali’s sweet personality and glowing smile was apparent immediately. Not to mention how inspirational and motivational of a speaker she is. She discussed her journey to The Biggest Loser, evening showing us a video of her and mom Bette-Sue before the Biggest Loser ranch. Ali knows how to tell as story, making you laugh right along with her. She also told the audience that we need to be accountable for you. And, that she wants to help along your journey in any way she can. Ali is a genuine sweetheart who definitely cares about everyone around her. There is no mask, it’s just the true Ali Vincent. I loved that so much.

After she spoke, we followed her to her Live Well booth (Ali has a show on the Live Well Network called Live Big with Ali) where mom and I waited in a short line to meet her. I showed her a couple of pics of myself before my weight loss and told her how inspired I have been and continue to be by The Biggest Loser. I got a big hug and she gave me one of her bracelets, which is pink of course (another Biggest Loser reference to her shirt color on the show). Ali is a classy lady who I can’t wait to continue to follow through her show and online.

Me with Ali Vincent

If you’d like to check out Ali Vincent’s show on the Live Well Network:

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