Inspiration courtesy of the 2012 Olympic Games

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been literally glued to my TV when at all possible during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Originally, I thought I would just be interested in watching the Track & Field events, but I’ve been watching quite a variety of sports and loving it. I’m so proud to be an American when I see how awesome our athletes are. It definitely inspires me not only in my running, but in life. These people have trained so hard just for this moment. I can only imagine how huge it is for them, as the closest I’ve gotten is the morning of my first half marathon last year. This is so much bigger though, thousands of people watching your every move all over the world. All of the athletes are winners in my mind though, it’s awesome what they do!

Fab Five won gold! So happy for these girls, they are so talented!

This teen is inspirational! Way to go, Missy!

Men’s swimming relay team took it home for the red, white & blue!

Serena kicked butt on the court and then danced her way to gold!

Have you been inspired by the Olympics? Has it taken your attention whenever there’s a TV nearby? What do you think about how the Games are going?

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