Indy Bird, My Hut Boy

My sweet lovebird, Indy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday. It was a sudden, unexpected passing and it shook me very much. After losing my parakeet, Angel last month, I didn’t think I would have to say good-bye to Indy so soon after.

I went to church on Sunday morning with my friend and room-mate, Pat. Everything seemed usual, but when we arrived back home, my baby Indy was gone.

The GIrl's Got Sole - Indy bird in his hut

After re-gaining our closeness over the last couple of weeks, Indy had even become excited to come out of his cage and have his ‘freedom’ to play atop his cage in my bedroom. On Saturday night, my sweet boy had flown directly to me and landed on my shoulder. He stayed there for about 10 minutes, even giving me kisses. It was one of the best moments together in quite some time.

I found myself stunned on Sunday after finding him, asking God “why,” my baby had to leave me. Through my strong faith in my Lord, I couldn’t understand why. Why Indy had to cross that Rainbow Bridge.

The tears flowed, and flowed. The shock, being so unexpected was the worst part I think. That coupled with having to say good-bye to Angel a little over a month ago made it harder. While I was saddened to let Angel cross the Rainbow Bridge, I knew that not only was she not well, but that I still had Indy back home to love and be with.

Suppose that I will never truly know why Indy was called home to Heaven. But, I know that at least now, he is back with his sister, Angel as well as Mocha and Peachy.

The Girl's Got Sole - Indy bird

I’m trying to remember all the great times I had with my sweet boy in the more than 10 years I had with him. He was a blessing in my life and I will always remember how amazing he was. He was and always will be my “Hut Boy,” and I will miss him so very much.

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