I’m Ready to Conquer the Marathon!

The feeling of accomplishment 🙂

This morning, I got up just after 2am for my last long training run before my first marathon. We started running at 3:30am and got done just over 6 and a half hours later. Overall, it was a great training run, I feel a lot more confident in my ability to do the race next month. And, I did 26 miles, not the 25 I had planned on doing.

I know some folks questioned why I would want to do more than a 23 mile training run, but I feel that it instills more confidence and Jeff Galloway has this mileage listed on the training schedule. My endurance and belief in myself in what I can do went way up today. And, that will carry me through until the race.

With my pace group leader, Nancy and Ramona post-run. Ramona ran all 26 miles with me.

Now, it’s taper time and with this time I’m going to work on the mental aspects of running long. I want to continue my confidence and positive thinking not only with this marathon, but through all of my races from now on. I think it will make me a better runner for it.

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