I’m a UCAN Ambassador!

The Girl's Got Sole - Generation UCAN Ambassador

I am so excited to share that I will be working with Generation UCAN this year! This has become my only running fuel since training for the NYC Marathon last year. Since using UCAN, I have never felt better on my runs.

If you are unfamiliar with Generation UCAN, it’s a SuperStarch that is a natural, slow-releasing carbohydrate that keeps your blood sugar stable and delivers steady energy. UCAN not only sustains your blood sugar during your workout, but it’s gentle on your stomach. No GI issues with Generation UCAN!

You can read my product review about Generation UCAN that I wrote last summer here. It is all about my initial experience with UCAN and learning about how the SuperStarch product was founded.

You can check out UCAN yourself and save 10% on your next order! Use this link and you can order a Starter Pack if you are new to the product so you can try it out! Or, if you are already a UCAN fan, use it to place an order. https://shop.generationucan.com/discount/UCANINSPIRESC2


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