I’m a Nuun Ambassador!

Nuun Ambassador

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been chosen to be a 2016 Nuun Ambassador! Most of you are familiar with Nuun, but in case you aren’t, here’s a bit about them. Nuun is all about hydration, keeping you well hydrated during training and all day long. Nuun is an effervescent tablet that allows the body to absorb and use the fliuds, electrolytes, and fuel you consume more quickly.

Nuun comes in five different varieties depending upon your need. Nuun Active is the perfect sports drink for athletes. It contains a light flavor, no sugars or carbs, packed with electrolytes and easy to take on the go. Nuun Energy is when you need that boost, a lift of energy. The tablets contain caffeine and B vitamins that give you energy and keep you hydrated. Nuun All Day is a multi-vitamin for helping you stay healthy. All Day triggers the body’s natural reaction to drink more water by up to 90%! Nuun U Natural makes it easy to stay hydrated during less intensive activities. And, Plus for Nuun can be added to Nuun Active or Energy to create an ultimate fast fueling and absorbing sports drink.

I’m looking forward to being involved in the Nuuniverse in the new year! Do you drink nuun? What’s your favorite type and flavor?

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