If it’s not on Strava…

The Girl's Got Sole - If it's not on strava

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Have you heard the phrase, “if it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen?” It’s all about documenting and tracking your workouts and being a part of a community on social media. Who doesn’t like to get some likes on a great run or bike ride they just completed?

Strava is the place to be if you are a runner, cyclist or other endurance athlete. The app allows you to track (or manually post later) your workout, including miles, time, and your thoughts. Then, your friends can like and comment on said workout. There are also countless clubs to join, which gives you the opportunity to make more like-minded friends. Challenges are also available to participate in for a variety of activities.

The Girl's Got Sole - If it's not on Strava

I love being able to keep track of my running and cross-training workouts (mostly cycling) with Strava. It’s a great way to keep a record of your training progress and see how far you’ve come. Then, you can see your miles for a given week, month or year. It’s also kind of fun sometimes to see how you stack up with your friends.

My other favorite thing about Strava is the community. Not only can I follow my friends on my feed, but I am a part of some clubs. BibRave has a club on Strava, and if you are on the app (which you should be by now), please join us! You will get regular motivation and encouragement and meet some cool people.

The basic membership to Strava is free. It allows you to do everything I just posted about. That said, if you would like to step things up a notch, you can upgrade and join Strava Summit. Summit gives you personalized fitness tracking, advanced heart rate analysis, beacon for live location tracking, and more perks like discounts for brands.

The Girl's Got Sole - If it's not on strava

Follow me, and my training on Strava. Let’s become friends! Join Strava today!

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