I love running!

Runchat (#runchat on twitter) has asked fellow runners to list the 10 things they love about running. With all of the runners who participate in the Sunday evening runchat event, I know there will be a lot of responses. I look forward to reading them. Here’s my list.

1. The feeling of freedom, being outdoors.
2. Endorphins! That “runner’s high!”
3. Fun clothes like running skirts!
4. Dailymile, a great support system and way to record your runs.
5. Keeps me in shape and my endurance up.
6. Gear like SPI belt and Garmin.
7. A temporary escape from reality.
8. Challenging myself to go further and faster, pushing myself.
9. Feeling strong.
10. Alone time in the morning before the day really begins.

What about you? What do you love about running?

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