Hurricane Irma

Right now, I’m sitting in my parents living room writing this blog post. I’ve been lucky here since we haven’t lost power, but I know things are different for so many. At my place, I heard it’s gone. It all depends upon the area right now. And, we don’t know how the next few hours will be, since it’s still not over.

While I feel blessed, and I know all of our prayers have helped so so much, I can’t help but admit that boredom is setting in. Being locked in, waiting Irma out is the pits. I’m thankful that I got a run in yesterday morning with three of my runner girls before the weather began to get bad. Today, I did a 2 1/2 mile walk with a few running intervals on my parents treadmill. I much prefer to be outside, and this sort of thing makes you appreciate that.

The Girl's Got Sole - Hurrican Irma

I attended the beautiful prayer service at my church, Northland yesterday in Longwood. It was at 10am, as the regularly scheduled services all weekend were canceled. I left church feeling at peace and very blessed that this hurricane wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the weather folks were predicting. Right now, I completely believe that prayers to God really calmed this storm for Florida.

What it’s looking like right now is that we will be on lock down until tomorrow afternoon or early evening. Irma is still making her trek across the state, and while it’s looking bad outside, there may be tornadoes that could form from Irma. They have us all on a curfew until Monday 6pm as it stands right now, so we shall see. Hoping it will have calmed well before that and that we can out before that time. But, it’s all a matter of safety first.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of my fellow Floridians dealing with Hurricane Irma. We will get through this! Keep the faith. Keep praying!

The Girl's Got Sole - Pray for FL

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