Holiday Fun Run 2017

The Girl's Got Sole - Holiday Fun Run Group

Group before the fun run

Every Christmas season, my Galloway pace group does a fun run. It’s usually 6 miles long, and takes place in Winter Park. We did our annual holiday fun run this past weekend, on Saturday, December 23rd. My pace group, Sole Warriors teamed up with our friends in another group, Dream Chasers for the run.

The fun began at Panera on Park Avenue and headed through neighborhoods to Phelps Park. Then, we did the Chestnut Loop before heading back to Panera. We had a lot of fun with or jingle bells on, and some of the group had reindeer antlers! We joked that we need to bring rope next year and make our own herd. Ha!

The Girl's Got Sole - Holiday Fun Run 2017

After the run, we gathered for breakfast at Panera (of course!). It was great getting together post-run, as we rarely get to do that with everyone’s crazy schedules and all. I think I ended up being there for like an hour or more just chatting with friends.

It’s such an awesome way to start the Christmas holiday, it was definitely a highlight of my three-day weekend!

The Girl's Got Sole - Holiday Fun Run

As seen on the run, leg lamp!

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