Hey look, it's another blog!

While I have had, and still do have my blog on blogger, this is going to be the new locale for project and writing updates and what have you.

After having an insane last few months and finally escaping the state of the Mouse, my writing and life is beginning a new chapter.  In short, I feel invigorated.  🙂

In a little more detail for those whose interest is piqued, I lived in Florida most of my life. While I was born in Long Island, New York, I grew up in the Sunshine State. That’s not necesssarily out of choice mind you, when you’re a kid you just do as your parents tell you and go with the flow of the mighty river.  So, after living down in Florida for so long, I started yearning to move out. Finally, that happened this past June and I moved up here to North Carolina after falling in love with Asheville during my visit in April.

So, stay tuned to this address on the www for all sorts of stuff soon!

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