Happy Father’s Day!

The Girl's Got Sole - Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Especially to my dad.

I have a few good memories of times with my dad, but one really sticks out to me. When I was about 11 years-old, my dad took me to see my favorite group, New Kids on the Block. I had gotten tickets for my birthday earlier that year, and was excited to go see the concert.

The day of the show, my dad and I left the house, me in head-to-toe New Kids gear (fan girl that I was, always thought I’d marry Joey someday…young love), and him in his usual polo shirt and slacks. From what I recall, the concert was in Tampa, so we had a bit of a drive over. I am sure I drove him crazy with all of the New Kids on the Block music I insisted he play during the drive as I sang along. He was such a good sport.

When we got to Tampa, my dad told me that we needed to make a stop at the mall. As I followed him through the place, I asked question after question about what we were doing there. He gave a generic parental answer to the affect of, “don’t worry about it,” as we entered a Ritz Camera store (another non-existent business presently).

My dad began talking to the guy behind the counter about binoculars, while I did the usual kid thing of touching this or that and generally being curious about stuff. When my dad asked me what I thought about a pair of binoculars, I shrugged. “They are okay,” I mused, mind on my concert that I was anxious to get to. I mean, who cares about binoculars when your favorite boy band was in town?

I remember inquiring about why he needed the things, and he said something to the affect of, they are for your mom. Okay, sure, sounded logical to my kid brain. As he was paying for them, he asked if I thought I might want to try them out. He went on to say that maybe, they would be something to do a trial run with that night, at the New Kids concert.

Yup, my dad was actually buying the binoculars for me. Turns out, he realized that his pre-teenage daughter wouldn’t be able to see these New Kids on the Block boys she was so crazy about well from the seats that we had. My dad knew how important that concert was for me, and wanted to make it as special as possible for me.

The Girl's Got Sole - Happy Father's Day

I will never forget that day and night spent with my dad. He was such a great dad, giving me the best time and even seemingly having a good time himself. Heck, he even wore one of my New Kids hats. If that’s not a cool dad for you, to take his 11-year-old daughter to a boy band concert full of screaming kids, I don’t know what is.

Love you, dad. Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

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