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The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

With two half marathons coming up, First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon on March 18th, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville on April 28th, it’s time to ramp up training. I keep my Saturday run base between 6 and 8 miles, so that makes it easier to get my mileage back up.

My current plan is to do a 10 mile training run this coming Saturday, February 10th. Since I’ve got the Quack Attack 5k on the 17th, I’m going to do 5 or 6 miles before that fun race. Then, on February 24th, run a 12 mile training run.

In March, with the Best Damn Race 10k on the 3rd, I need to boost that mileage up before the race. I’ve emailed the race to see if I can change the race to the half marathon distance, that way I can use it as a training run. That would be the best way to be able to get in a 13-14 mile long run. So, we shall see if I need to rework the next few weeks of my training for Sarasota.

The Girl's Got Sole - Half Marathon Training

After the Sarasota Half Marathon on March 18th, I will have 5 weeks in between that and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville. Will definitely need a couple of long runs before that half marathon. The good thing is, I have the Winter Park Road Race 10k the weekend after Sarasota, so that keeps that weekend lighter. Then, I can do a double-digit long run the following weekend, April 7th. Thinking a 12-miler would work well.

I’m looking forward to my March and April races, especially First Watch Sarasota Half, Winter Park Road Race 10k, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half. Those two races will make half #32 and #33.

Do you have any races you are training for right now?


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