Half Marathon Training Update 9/28/19

The Girl's Got Sole - Training Update

On Saturday morning, I ran a 12 mile training run with my group. It went better than my 10 miler earlier this month, which is great. I felt blessed for that. By the end though, my legs were definitely not my BFF, LOL! I think if the weather wasn’t so muggy, it would have been better. But, that’s Florida for ya. Running in Florida means you have to learn to expect warmer, humid temperatures most of the time during training.

I would have loved to have gotten my NYRR Halfway There 13.1 virtual done with yesterday’s run, but my legs were not in the mood for another 1.1 miles. So, my virtual half will be done on October 12th when I do my last long run of 14 miles for the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon on October 26th.

After my long run, I was able to finally go see Brittany Runs a Marathon with a friend. It’s a funny and inspiring movie, I recommend it for runners and if you just want a good movie to inspire you. I only wish they showed more of the NYC Marathon in it, as it’s my favorite race. I also learned they filmed portions of the movie during the 2017 NYC Marathon, which I ran. The real Brittany who the story is based upon, ran the race in 2014.

The Girl's Got Sole - Run and not grow weary

The rest of last week, I did okay with my training. Got in five days, which is always my goal. I had to miss my run on Tuesday morning due to a swollen lip. The night before, I cut inside my lip on the left side and thought it would be fine. When I woke up the next morning, that side of my lip and surrounding area were swollen. Weirdest reason I’ve had to miss a run. Thankfully, the swelling went down by the end of the day for the most part, and by Wednesday, it was about back to normal.

All in all, I’m feeling good about where my half marathon training is right now. I’m looking forward to getting back into race season again. Between the Brittany movie, and friends running races like the Berlin Marathon over the weekend, I’m getting excited!

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