Goals and Plans = Success

The last few weeks have been a bit more lax for me training-wise. Sure, I’ve been doing 99% of my runs like I should three days a week, but I’ve been slacking on my cross-training and strength workouts. Maybe it has to do with not having a goal race to set my sights on, or maybe it’s just the overwhelming feeling of how my life has been since moving on April 1st. Either way, I’ve decided that I need to get a training schedule set for myself.

The good part is that Galloway training begins in 24 days. This is good for a number of reasons, but the main being that it’s a great time to get my regime going again. I’ve decided to do the Asheville Half Marathon on September 22nd, so there’s my first goal race right there. I need to start training for that half marathon, especially since it’s going to be very hilly. I’m not used to that being a Florida runner (flat is where it’s at here), so I’ll need to run in places like Clermont to get a better feel for that sort of terrain.

I need to concentrate on ensuring I get some cross-training in as well as strength on my non-running days. I love to bike, so that will more than likely be my main source of cross-training exercise at least a couple of days out of the week. I did well with that before the Space Coast Half last year, and enjoyed my morning rides a good deal. The strength I think will be a combination of workout DVDs with trainers like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as well as some strength exercises on my own from books and website recommendations. Toning up would definitely be nice, as I have yet to reach a point where I am completely content with how my body feels in that area. I’m pleased with the work that I did to get me to a healthy weight, but I want to do more to tighten things up.

What about you, what sort of training regime are you working on, or plan to start soon?
Do you do regular strength workouts? If so, what kind(s) do you do? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Goals and Plans = Success — 2 Comments

  1. Right now I’m marathon training as I head into my first full in July. But now that my mileage is getting high (for me) I find it SO HARD to fit in adequate strength training. I’ve just kind of accepted that other training is going to fall by the wayside until post-marathon.

  2. Wow, a marathon in July? Where are you doing it? It can be hard to get in every kind of workout you want with everything going on. We’ve had a lot of OT at work this year too.

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