Gifts of 261 Fearless

I LOVE being a part of Team 261 Fearless. The group is full of amazing women all inspired by Kathrine Switzer. In 34 days, I will be running with 261 Fearless, and as the big day gets closer, my excitement grows.

In case you don’t follow 261 Fearless on Facebook or other social media, you may have missed the gifts of 261 Fearless. Leading up to the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, Kathrine and Team 261 Fearless will be revealing some great gifts. The first, is courageousness.

The second gift has already been teased on the Facebook page. Be sure to follow 261 Fearless so you don’t miss out on the reveal!

The Girl's Got Sole - 261 Fearless

Also, an update on my Team 261 Fearless NYC fundraising… I’m now $801 from reaching my goal of $2,261. Please keep your donations coming, they are greatly appreciated! I know that I will hit that goal soon!

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