Gifts Under $20 for Runners

Looking for a gift for a fellow friend runner? Or, maybe you’re friends with a runner, but just don’t know what to get him/her? I’ve compiled a list of items, all under $20, making it easier for just about everyone no matter what you’re holiday budget may be.


1. Bondiband. I LOVE these headbands, they come in so many varieties and styles, that you can find a headband for just about any runner. My favorites are the sweat-wicking ones with sayings on them. They make a run more fun. And, they can add motivation for the toughest workout. They run $9 per headband. Use the discount code “GIRLSGOTSOLE” for 10% off your order!

2. Mugs. There are so many great mugs for runners. I’ve found that Gone For a Run carries some of the best ones I’ve seen. My favorite is the Twas the Night Before the Race. Mugs run $11.99 to $14.99.

3. Running Necklace. You can’t go wrong with a little jewelry, as runners love bling. 🙂 Necklaces and other jewelry come in so many different styles as well as price points. I’ve found some of the best options on etsy. The folks on etsy create everything for you, some doing custom work. I saw this necklace from The Run Home and thought it was great. Price for this one is $19.

4. Sqoosh bands. This is THE handheld sweat band that I use. I have been using it for well over a year now and I love it. It simply slides over your hand, is light and allows you to easily wipe away sweat as you run. It doesn’t feel like it’s bulky or in the way allowing you to just run. Sqoosh bands are $17.99 right now for a pair.

5. Feetures socks. These have become my favorite socks to wear for running, especially when I’m putting in some good mileage. I’ve run half and full marathons in these socks and not gotten blisters. That’s a win in my book. Feetures makes a few different kinds of socks, so there’s something for everybody. Socks run $9 to $15.


6. Marathon Woman. This is an awesome book by Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. There are quite a number of great reads out there for runners, and most, if not all are under the $20 price mark. Other great titles include, Born to Run, Ultramarathon Man, Eat & Run, Jeff Galloway’s book series, and much more. Marathon Woman is about $12 online.

7. Camelbak Podium Chill. A great water bottle that helps keep your water colder longer. The bottle has an insulation to keep drinks cold, as well as a locking top nozzle. The Podium Chill is my favorite bottle, especially with how hot it can get here in the Sunshine State. Bottle is $13.00.

8. Road ID. A very important part of every runner’s gear. No matter where we are, or where we run, we all should be carrying ID and any important information someone might need to help us in case of an emergency. Road ID is the #1 company out there for athletes and non-athletes alike for wearable IDs. There are a few options of what kind of ID (bracelet, shoe ID, etc) and they are always having discounts. Road ID runs $19.99.

9. Koss Fit Clip headphones. After reviewing these headphones for a campaign, they have become my favorite and only ones I love to wear when I workout. I don’t listen to music much when I run (unless I’m solo which isn’t often these days), but I do use them at the gym. They don’t hurt my ears like some headphones do that are ear buds. The headphones run around $14 on amazon and some other online stores.

10. Headsweats Visor. When I’m not wearing BondiBand headbands, I’m wearing one of my Headsweats visors. They are comfortable and help wick away sweat on your forehead. The great thing about them is they also come in an array of colors and a lot of companies have their visors made by Headsweats. Visors run $17-$20 depending upon where you get them.

I hope those were some helpful gift ideas! If you have any other suggestions for gifts under $20, please feel free to leave them in the comments.
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