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How do you #FuelYourBetter? This is the question that Vega Sport is asking YOU the endurance athlete. Training has either just kicked off or is about to for all of those Fall and Winter race events. To aid runners this season, Vega Sport site has launched a portal that is a hub of education to push through barriers to achieve great things. Shooting for a shiny new PR? Want to up your pace? Vega Sport has the resources to get you there!

There are 8-week training guides, meal plans, recipes, running playlists, nutritional education information and more! Best of all, these amazing resources are FREE! It doesn’t matter if you are training for your first half marathon, or fifth marathon, everyone can get something out of this portal. Novice to expert, this is something you will want to click over and check out.

Once you sign up, you will have access to free nutrition and training guides for running. Each guide will be delivered for 8 consecutive weeks created with the help of Lewis Morrison, who is Director of Sports Science at the Peak Centre for Human Performance.

Go here to access the portal and sign up today!


It really is amazing the resources, the information that Vega is making available to everyone through this portal. Not to mention that it doesn’t cost you a penny! I’ve had the chance to look through a good deal of the information available and it is really, really great stuff.

I’ll be sharing more about the resources in upcoming blog posts, as there is SO much there! Between fueling plans, training plans, and meal plans, not to mention the workout playlists, hours could be spent one just one section of the portal.

When you sign up, you’ll get an email with more details, including a look at an 8-week training plan:


WEEK 1 Long, Slow Distance Runs
Find your happy pace on LSD runs

WEEK 2 Tempo Runs
Don’t feel the burn

WEEK 3 Hill Runs and Speedwork
Stamina achieved

WEEK 4 Shakeout Runs
Shake, shake, shake it out!

WEEK 5 Cross-training
It’s not all about the cardio

WEEK 6 Rest Days
Just as important as every other training day

WEEK 7 Race Day!
On your mark, get set…

What are you waiting for? Sign up, get on a plan, then lace up those running shoes and get your training program on the road with Vega Sport!

My question for you is, will you sign up and check out the information that Vega Sport will be offering to #fuelyourbetter?

Note: I am a blogger with Vega, so I do get some product throughout the year in exchange for blogging and promoting the brand via social media. That stated, opinions are always my own. I have been a Vega customer for years and still am to this day.


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  1. You’re wonderful, Shannon! So glad to have you in the crew. And so happy to have these training plans so well received! All the best to you 🙂

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