Friends Are a Blessing

The Girl's Got Sole - Birthday lunch with friends

On Saturday afternoon, some of my runner friends took me to a belated birthday lunch celebration. I had been looking forward to the day since they told me they wanted to take me out for my 40th.

My friends are amazing. They made it one of my best birthdays ever. Not only did we enjoy a great meal at Ethos, but I received some heartfelt gifts. The cards made me feel so loved and special. One of them, from a friend who couldn’t make it to the lunch, had me teary-eyed.

This friend told me how much my encouraging words and guidance as a pace group leader are a special gift; to keep the faith and keep up the good work. How the world needs me just as I am. That card is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read and received.

The Girl's Got Sole - Birthday cards

Getting flowers, a birthday balloon and other fun gifts meant a lot. But, what meant the most was how much I mean to these ladies. How our friendship is a special one, a blessing that we all share. They mean just as much to me, and that is a unique thing. I feel truly blessed to have each and every one of them in my life!

The Girl's Got Sole - Friends are a blessing

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