Friday Five 5/11

The Girl's Got Sole - Friday Five

It’s finally Friday! I’m always thankful for Friday, especially after a busy week at work. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my family this weekend, especially with it being Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Weight loss status. I’m officially down 3.4lbs! I’m getting closer to getting back into the 120s again, which is my goal. I’m already feeling better overall and I can tell my body is getting stronger. Looking forward to dropping the last few pounds to get back to where I was in 2015.

The Girl's Got Sole - Weight loss quote

Avengers: Infinity War. I’m FINALLY going to see the movie on Saturday. I tried to go on Sunday afternoon with a friend, but it was completely sold out at the theater we tried to go to. It’s definitely popular and kicking butt at the box office.

The Girl's Got Sole - Avengers Infinity War

Galloway Training Kickoff. Our new season of Orlando Galloway kicks off very soon, on June 2nd. I’m looking forward to it, as I love seeing everyone and meeting new members. This will be my 7th season in the program, and 5th as a Group Leader. Time sure flies! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Orlando Galloway

261 Fearless Friend. After wanting to join the new 261 Fearless Friend program for over 5 months, I’m finally a 261 Friend! My parents got it for me as my birthday present last month, and I’m excited to be a part of the program. Loved being a 261 Fearless Ambassador and a Team 261 Fearless NYC member last year.

The Girl's Got Sole - 261 Fearless Friend

Chicago PD season finale. Just wow, that was my thought by the end. It was quite the emotional ride, and that speaks for the episodes leading up to it as well. The other Chicago series, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire also kept me going til the end. Love these shows!

The Girl's Got Sole - Chicago PD

I’m linking up with the Friday Five 2.0 link-up from Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness.
The Girl's Got Sole - Friday Five link-up

Have a great weekend!


Friday Five 5/11 — 6 Comments

  1. That is awesome that you are part of the Galloway group. Does Jeff come to any of the runs?

    I have not hear of the 261 fearless friend. What is that?

    Thanks for linking up with us Shannon.

  2. I knew about 261 fearless but I didn’t realize there were different levels of involvement. What does it mean to be a 261 fearless friend?

    Have fun with your training. Curious, what run/walk intervals do you do? I ask because I’ve been using them in my training.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! I love that meme! I haven’t watched Chicago PD, but I do watch Chicago Fire.

  4. It’s a group that is supported by 261 Fearless. Mostly for encouragement and motivation.
    I use a 30:30 interval mostly these days for my runs.

  5. Jeff comes out once a season to see us. But, we are fortunate that he is always here for runDisney, so we do see him a few times a year there.
    261 Fearless Friend is based out of the 261 Fearless organization founded by Kathrine Switzer. Mostly a big motivational support group for women all over the world.

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