Forecasting the week

This may or may not be a good idea, but hey I’m going to go with it. It’s good to set goals and challenge yourself! That said, I’m trying to finally get myself into a set training regime again. On that note, here’s my tentative plans for the week.

Sunday – Bike ride in the neighborhood. I wasn’t sure I’d be.accomplishing this one with all the rain we had, but was thankful I got a ride in before dark last night.

Monday – Rest day. I have learned that I need one or two rest days a week. However, I may do a 20 minute strength workout tonight after work.

Tuesday – Run! My usual 3 miler. May try some speed work, not sure as of yet.

Wednesday – Bob Harper DVD workout. I have two new DVDs, so going to give one of them a go.

Thursday – Run! Another 3 miler, maybe a bit more.

Friday – Rest. I always rest on.Fridays unless something special comes up. May do some pilates though, depends upon if I did anything on Monday.

Saturday – Run! First official group run with my Galloway marathon training group. Then, maybe a short bike ride after.

How about you, what are your fitness plans/goals for the week?

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