Five Things on Friday


1. I am going gluten-free. Yes, I’ve got to eliminate wheat from my diet. I’m starting to educate myself about my alternatives. Hopefully, that will be enough to help my system out as I have heard that my thyroid issues may cause me to have to give up soy as well.

2. Reboot time! So, with my vacation and all, I’ve slacked enough to make me unhappy with how I feel/look. That said, I’m going back to basics with my eating/health. Going to write down all of my food again and ensure that I am increasing my H2O intake again.

3. Over-time at work. We have 8 hours of required over-time each week through the end of the month. I have mixed feelings about it, as I hate actually working it. At least my paychecks will be nice! Five hours isn’t so bad since that’s an hour a day Monday through Friday, but the extra three means that I have to log-in on Saturdays after my run.

4. My relationship with God. I’ve been really working on my relationship with God and studying the Bible. Having been a Christian since I was a little kid, I never truly read the Bible. It really is helping me understand a lot more about my life and the journey God is guiding me on.

5. Asheville photos. I will be working on the rest of my photos from my Asheville vacation this weekend. I hope to have most if not all of them up in the next few days.


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