Five Things on Friday

1. I am officially registered for the 26.2 with Donna, my first marathon which is 22 days away! Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me on this big endeavor. No words cannot accurately express how grateful I am for you’re love and support. By this time next month, I’ll be a marathoner!

2. Over-time out the wazoo. That’s a word, right? Wazoo? I’ve already worked 6 hours of OT this week and have to work for 4 hours tomorrow after my morning run. Love the extra money, hate the extra work. This makes me tired, so I haven’t been doing much more than running this week.

3. Filing my taxes this weekend, which means I will soon get my refund! I look forward to clearing out my bills so that I can be more comfortable money-wise. I mean, I still haven’t paid off the tires I had to buy last year. Yicks.

4. New running shoes are awesome. I had to buy a new pair last weekend since I found out I should be wearing a half size larger than I have been. My toes have been getting a beating in the size 8s, so hoping the 8 1/2s will do me good for the longer distances, like my marathon.

5. Positive thinking. I’m working on this as I can feel some of the nerves creeping in for my marathon. I’ve been listening to running books like Ultramarathon Man and Born to Run (yeah, I’m a little late to this one). I’m going to continue to work on keeping upbeat as I know I’m ready for the race.


Five Things on Friday — 1 Comment

  1. A marathoner! That will be an amazing day!
    I am filling my taxes this weekend too, and I am so ready to pay off this credit card! 🙂

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