Five Things on Friday

1. Tomorrow morning, I’m running 23 miles. So so close to the marathon distance it’s crazy. Okay, so maybe not crazy, but what is crazy is that my run is starting at 3:30am. Yes, my group starts long runs that early.

2. I love working at home. Working at home gives me more time to spent with my birds, which are my babies. It’s so nice to be able to see them more. And, they seem happier.

3. The WDW Marathon weekend is almost here! 14 days until I run my first runDisney race! I am very much looking forward to running with friends and having a good time.

4. I bought a new phone. Last weekend, I wandered into Metro PCS and emerged with a new android phone. I look forward to being able to pay less per month for unlimited minutes. All in all, it was a good purchase.

5. Starting to think about 2013. I’m starting to think about what goals and plans I have for the new year. I want to take some time and sit down this weekend and really write some things down. I’m not for resolutions, but goals and plans, definitely a good idea.


Five Things on Friday — 2 Comments

  1. Good luck with your first runDisney race! They are amazing and I’m sure you’ll want to do more of them after. 3:30am is insanely early for a group run, but I imagine the Disney start time requires you to be in queue around that time, too?

    I’m working from home today as well. Sometimes I get distracted with all the furries around, but its nice to feel their love and attention!

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