Five Things Friday

This has been a real ADD week for me. Concentrating on work and other things that require me to actually concentrate have been difficult. Maybe it’s because of the upcoming Boston Marathon… or, maybe I just need a vacation. Either way, I’ve been pushing through and trying to get things done. Sometimes, it’s harder! 🙂


1. Boston Marathon Strong. I ran a 2.62 run last night in memory/honor of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The event was put on by Fleet Feet Orlando and I had a great time running around Crane’s Roost in Altamonte. Boston has been on my mind so much this week especially. I look forward to following the adventures of all my marathon friends running on Monday!

2. Earth Day Orlando. Every year, Orlando puts on an event for Earth day sponsored by the Vegetarians of Central Florida. This year, the event takes place tomorrow at Lake Eola and I’m looking forward to enjoying it with some friends.

3. Tri training. It’s going pretty well, though I’m pretty early in the game. Hoping and planning on getting into the pool this weekend for a swim. Bike ride again planned for Sunday morning. I’ve also been getting in miles on the bike at the gym.

4. Fall/Winter Races. I’m already thinking about races for early 2015, are you? I would love to do a WDW Marathon weekend race (half or Goofy), but financially, it’s not possible. But, I am going to train for the 26.2 with Donna on February 15, 2015! It was my first marathon, and it will be my fourth. My favorite race by far.

5. Good Friday. Today, we remember that Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for our sins. It’s because of his sacrifice that we are here today.


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