Five Things on Friday

Can you believe that it’s Friday already? Who am I kidding? I could NOT WAIT until it was Friday. I am positive that this week was dragging along as if I was pulling some sort of heavy load behind me. What’s the deal with that? I suppose we all just have those days or weeks where you feel like the adorable Eeyore character. That basically my frame of mine this week. Not sure what the deal is, but I’ve been just feeling, “meh.” Maybe it’s the weather. I know, I know, I don’t live in a horribly cold environment or have to deal with that cold, white stuff, but winter is winter, right? Seasonal crud that it can be. My energy levels have just been stuck in some sort of black hole somewhere, and I can only hope that I can pull it out of there in time for my half marathon on Sunday.

five things friday

1. It’s Friday! Yeah, I know, I already covered that with the title and above, but…it’s Friday! Come on, enjoy the reality that two days of non-working bliss are right over there around that corner (unless you work on weekends, and then I apologize and hope you find some joy anyway during it).

2. Space Coast Marathon/Half Marathon. Hey, I get to register for this race which is only nine months away (or 289 days if you are a day by day sort of person). Oh, and yes, that was sarcasm. It’s not that I’m against registering for a race way early, but well, I prefer not to register THIS early. I know if’s going to sell out extremely fast though, so I am signing up now.

3. Daytona Half Marathon. Speaking of races, my first race weekend is here. I’ve got Daytona, followed by the big Donna weekend and then a 10k & 10-miler the first weekend in March. Back to back weekend fun! If you’re going to be at Daytona, let me know I love to meet fellow runners.

4. YouTube. So, I’m considering re-starting my vlogging and posting videos on youtube again. Now that I’ve gotten a new point and shoot camera, it makes doing videos easier. Just trying to decide what topics and what have you to cover. Thoughts are welcome!

5. Fundraising Goal. I’m SO close to hitting my $500 goal for the 26.2 with Donna. The race is in a little over a week and I really do need everyone’s help to get the remaining $178.80 needed. If you or someone you know can help, I’d really appreciate it. This is a cause that I fully believe in. With your help, we can FINISH breast cancer and kick the disease to the curb!


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