Five Things Friday #13

I know, I know, I haven’t been blogging very much this week. While part of the reason for this is the time factor, the other reason is that I’ve been trying to decide on future blog musings. I’m kind of wanting to post more about my personal life (thyroid issues, etc), but I’m unsure about the interest in such things. Another consideration is more posts on running tips and the like. As well as some other advice and/or learning type things. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

five things friday

Now, onto some musings…

1. Hair style. Tomorrow, I’m planning on getting my hair highlighted and styled. I really do need a new look when it’s not back in a ponytail and a headband during my runs and workouts. Hoping the stylist can get my frizzy locks looking a bit less boring. 🙂

2. Marathon training thoughts. While training really is just beginning (and not even major mileage until August), I’m already thinking about my schedule and cranking up to do 29 miles in hopes of cutting my marathon time down. Also trying to figure out if I want to run a marathon as one of my long training runs. I mean hey, might as well get some bling!

3. Back to school? I just received an offer of a partial scholarship to go back to my old college to finish out my degree. I’m very tempted, as I’ve been wanting to go back. Planning on going to speak with the admissions folks in a few weeks about the offer.

4. Inspiration inside. I went by Barnes & Noble last night after work and felt inspired by the store. I used to go to the bookstores all the time. I think I’ve been missing them. Feeling more inspired now to write more again!

5. Feeling better. I have been feeling better now that I’ve been back on my T3 med for the last 10 days. Still had some times of the day where I feel a bit draggy, but I’m feeling the improvement for sure.

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