Five on Friday 9/7/18

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Well hey there! After moving last Saturday, I have had a non-stop busy week! I feel like I’m finally getting back into the swing of things at my new place. This move was a good thing for me, and I’m happy and positive about the future ahead! 🙂

1. New fibro meds. I went to my general doctor this week after a disappointing visit with my Rheumatologist last month. I wanted to try a new therapy, and was pretty much promptly shot down by the Physician’s Assistant. She seems to be very pro-Lyrica. So, I ask my regular doc if we could wean off of Cymbalta and get off of Lyrica for the new med. She said, sure let’s give it a go. I’m thankful that she has known me for years and listens to me. So, hopefully, the new med will get approved so that I can start it next week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Savella fibro meds

2. Wall of motivation. Now that I’m in my new place, I’m happy to have some of my stuff back on the walls of my room! My last place wouldn’t let me hang up my medals and such, so I have missed that motivation and inspiration. I am especially excited to be able to hang up my TCS NYC Marathon medals! Those are two of my proudest races, especially the 2015 marathon which was my dream race. No more bare white walls!

The Girl's Got Sole - Race medals

3. Toby on instagram. I’d love for you to follow my sweet, smart budgie on his new Instagram page! I started it last month, and plan on posting more videos in the coming weeks now that we have moved. Check his page out and follow him if you can please. Daily cuteness guaranteed! 🙂

The Girl's Got Sole - Toby Mac budgie

4. Eating in check. A goal I have for this month (started this week already) is to get my eating and healthy journey back in check. While I have continued my workout regime, I’ve slipped on my eating and I don’t like that. I still want to drop a few pounds (ultimate goal is 8lbs), so gotta get serious! It’s never an easy thing, but I know I feel so much better when I eat better and weigh a bit less.

The Girl's Got Sole - Healthy eating

5. Half marathon training. My training has been going well. I am on track with with training, and I’ve got my next long run next weekend. Upcoming races are the PNC Atlanta 10-Miler on October 21st, then Wine & Dine Half Marathon on November 4th as a pacer for the 3:15 finish time. After that, it’s my goal race, OUC Orlando Half Marathon on December 1st. I’m looking forward to all of my races, but the Atlanta 10-Miler is definitely one I look forward to doing, as I get to get out of state for a long weekend and meet some runner friends I’ve only talked to online!

The Girl's Got Sole - Group training run

Recent 10 mile training run with my group.

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Five on Friday 9/7/18 — 9 Comments

  1. I will also be doing a eating restart of sorts when I get back from our trip. 2 weeks of traveling is tough to stay on track. Hope you get the meds thing figured out and are feeling good again

  2. Meeting friends you only know online in RL is always fun!

    Ugh to extra pounds. My eating hasn’t been that bad, but yes, I’m higher than I want to be & feel it. I definitely put in a strong effort this week but was not rewarded — this week. I know for me it’s definitely not linear, but it can be disappointing, still.

  3. Isn’t it so frustrating when docs and PAs don’t listen to you as the patient? So infuriating to be honest. I’m glad your doc knows you and gave you the go-ahead. Fingers crossed it works for you!

    I’m in the process of trying to lose weight as well. I’m making better choices and making sure my portions are disproportional like they have been. I haven’t lost much yet but I’m already feeling better! Good luck to you on that as well.

  4. Your upcoming races sound exciting! I’d love to find a 10-miler! Believe it or not, there are two of them next weekend (one on Saturday and the other on Sunday)….and I’m gonna be half a country away in Philly for the Rock’n’Roll LOL

  5. That is so awesome that you will be a pacer for the wine and dine race. That really takes skill to say you are going to finish at a certain time and then actually stay on track. I could never do that.

    Thanks for linking up with us Shannon. We hope to see you again next week. Good luck in your new place.

  6. I hope you get to start the new meds soon and they work better for you. It can be so frustrating! I bet Atlanta is going to be so much fun!

  7. Love the picture of your running tribe! And your medal holder is so cool! Did you have that made just for you? I just have my medals draped over my mirror in my bedroom.

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