Five on Friday: 7/7/17

Happy Friday! It’s been a crazy week, despite having Tuesday off for the 4th of July. I think the move last weekend drained me out both physically and mentally. Trying to get back into my zone and all again.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

1. Move Update. So, I’ve now been living in Apopka for almost a week. Pretty happy about the location overall. I do wish I was closer to Winter Park, but I’m not too far away. I’m also about 15 minutes from a lot of things in Altamonte, so that’s a plus. Still using my GPS though…hoping I can get off of that in the next week or so. Funny how I kind of know where I am, but I’m also never really been in Apopka more than for a few runs in the past.

2. Food Accountability. It’s been a roller-coaster for me in regards to my eating lately. I tend to stop being as accountable to my plan and/or allotted calories at times, and that has to stop. I’m putting that to and end today. Getting with some fellow runner friends to be accountable in this area. Once I can get through a month, I know I will be back on track again and good to go. Just gotta be right on it! No more letting my rumbling tummy dictate my eating. No, I don’t need that cookie, put it down.

Girl's Got Sole - Slap food out of my hand

3. It’s hot out there! It always feels like every summer here in Florida is hotter and more humid. But honestly, I think we just block out the fact that it’s so darn sticky! Or, maybe it’s all the sweat, it drains our memories of it every year… LOL! This makes it oh so important for those of us running outside to hydrate all the time. Of course, that just means I pee all the time too, but better to be well hydrated than rick heat stroke. That’s dangerous.

4. Sling TV. My new place doesn’t have cable, so I signed up for Sling TV. I’m splitting the cost with my parents, so it’s a good deal. Thus far, I like it. I didn’t realize you can watch some TV shoes on demand now with Sling. Nice addition. Now, if the Roku Express I got for pre-paying for two months would arrive, I would be golden. It’s so odd, tracking tells me it shipped out of CA on 6/30, but here it is a week later, and no further tracking updates on USPS. Fingers crossed it comes today or tomorrow! (UPDATE: It arrived today!)

Girl's Got Sole - Florida heat

5. Video blogs. So, I did one at the beginning of my training, as well as one not long after that. You can find those videos on my channel here. I’ve been on the fence about doing more. While I am not shy of selfies anymore, there’s just something different about a live video….or, any video. Should I continue the video posts? Thoughts are welcome, as I may do them more regularly if people are interested in them.

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