Five on Friday – 5/8/20

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Can you believe that last Five on Friday I did was back in August? I always liked doing a Friday Five post, because I can post some random things going on and such.

1. Girl’s Got Sole on YouTube! I finally did an intro/welcome video a few days ago and got my channel going. Plans are to do all sorts of videos on YouTube, and maybe some Facebook Lives. You can check out my intro video here, and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Your thoughts and comments are welcome!


2. Run for Ahmaud. Today is the dedication distance run for Ahmaud Arbery. He went out for a run on February 23rd, and was gunned down by two white men, a father and son. None of us should have to fear being shot because we go out for a run. You can read more about the I run with Maud run on the Facebook page.

3. Cinco de Miler virtual. On Saturday morning, I will be running my virtual Cinco de Miler. My race swag hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m hopeful it will get here by the end of the weekend. That medal sure looks cool. I will be posting photos and a race recap by early next week.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

Run for Ahmaud. Run tomorrow, or this weekend.

4. Sleeping issues. Anyone else having sleeping issues the last few weeks? I wake up at least two times during the night and sometimes, my mind is reeling. It’s like, I start thinking about just about any and everything. This makes it hard to get a good night’s rest. Really hoping it calms back down soon.

5. Podcasts. I’m getting back into listening to podcasts again, like The Extra Mile Podcast (which I highly recommend). I just sort of drifted away from them for a time there, and I don’t even know why. If you’re a podcast listener, I’d love any recommendations. My favorites are running, fitness and crime podcasts.

The Girl's Got Sole - Five on Friday

The Extra Mile podcast

How has your running been going? Are you doing any virtual races or has your training changed in any way

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