Five on Friday 5/15

I love Fridays. Okay, who doesn’t? I suppose if you don’t have the weekend off and have to work, Fridays may not be such an exciting celebration for you. Since I’m fortunate enough to work a Monday through Friday job, my weekends are my days off. I am always counting down the hours and minutes from the moment I log into work each Friday (okay, maybe not the exact moment I start off work, but definitely after I’ve consumed coffee). This week has been a fairly good one, a bit busy yesterday with having to go into the office for a meeting, but otherwise pretty good, can’t complain.


1. Running on the trail. Tomorrow morning, my group is doing our Saturday run on a nearby trail. We are still in what is called “maintenance” until June 6th when the new Fall season kicks off. That makes April or May good times to try and do runs outside of our usual routes. I’m looking forward to running in a different place, one that I’ve biked on before, but not run.

2. Noisy construction. I live right next to a major interstate here in Central Florida called I-4. A big project just began to expand the interstate. It’s a six year projected project, which is quite an undertaking. This week, crews were making all sorts of noise cutting down trees and such in the land next door. I can’t wait for when they put in the dividing wall that is going to separate the houses from the road…it’s going to be such much fun to hear and deal with (sarcasm :p).

Construction on the I-4 project.

Construction on the I-4 project.

3. Career Thoughts. I’ve been thinking more lately about what I’d like to do career-wise. I’ve always loved animals and I keep coming back to considering becoming a Vet Technician. Haven’t really looked much into it yet, but it’s not leaving my mind, so I think I may do some research on it this weekend. Would be something where I could be sort of giving back with the animals while of course working. LOL

4. That vlogging thing. Yes, I will be doing more vlogs, aka Shannon Speaks videos soon. I just feel like the mojo hasn’t really hit me yet to do a lot of videos. Maybe once the new running seasons ramps up, I’ll have more to ramble about. Or, you can make suggestions on things you would like to hear me talk about! 🙂

A newer flavor that is pretty good!

A newer flavor that is pretty good!

5. Outshine fruit & veggie bars. My obsession with these awesome fruit ice bars is back! I just can’t get enough of them! I am having trouble finding a favorite though, Coconut Waters. They have pineapple pieces in them and they are SOOOO good! I also love the Blueberry Melody flavor a lot. Definitely check these out if you have yet to.

What are you up to this weekend?

Any races on the schedule?


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